Dr. Madeline Chatlain

Welcome to Hilton Head Occupational Therapy

We have been providing health care to the people of the Lowcountry for over twenty years and have a proud tradition of offering a unique approach for our patients. BOTH lymphedema and pain patients have the benefit of knowledge gleaned from the medical health community and are offered the latest information based on evidence based practices from both the national and international research communities.

Dr. Chatlain, a retired veterinarian and licensed occupational and massage therapist, uses a time tested technique of first LISTENING to her patients, and then WORKING WITH THEM to achieve the MOST FUNCTIONAL outcomes for each of her patients. She believes that each patient is UNIQUE and has their own HISTORY that will require an INDIVIDUAL approach to their treatment. A student of Dr. Janet Travell, MD, she follows Dr. Travell ’ s advice, “If you just listen to the patient, nine times out of ten they will self-diagnose.” We pride ourselves on taking a thorough initial evaluation and working with the patient as well as their other health care providers in an interdisciplinary* approach vs. a multidisciplinary approach to their treatment.

*interdisciplinary: specialists from several fields working actively with other health care professionals, combining their skills and resources to present guidance and information to their patients.

**multidisciplinary : group of specialists that work independently of one another and have little or no ongoing or active contact with each other.

As you look through this website, we hope you keep in mind that we really have two specialties: pain management and lymphedema therapies. Many times the two overlap, but more times than not, you have been referred to our offices for one specific diagnosis.

Regardless of your diagnosis, as an occupational therapist, we will always strive to help you achieve the best outcome for your particular problem. Using the ‘ top down ’ model in healthcare, we focus on what you WANT to do now that you cannot do, and what is IMPORTANT TO YOU becomes our priority.

We will always try our best to help you, but rest assured, if we cannot help you, will find someone who can help you.

Your health and well-being is our priority and our commitment to our patients has been ongoing for the past 20 years and we intend to continue and improve our outcomes for our patients and dedication to helping our community for next 20 years. You have my word on it.

Dr. Madeline Chatlain
Dr. Madeline Chatlain, OTR/L, CDT-LANA
Owner, HHOT