Dr. Madeline Chatlain

Meet Dr. Madeline Chatlain

Dr. Madeline Chatlain Dr. Madeline Chatlain is a specialist in complete decongestive therapy and myofascial trigger point therapy. She has been in private practice in Hilton Head Island, SC, a premier rehabilitation center, since 1991.

An Ohio native, she obtained her degree in veterinary medicine in 1984 and subsequently found a wide variety of interests in both large and small animal practices. She retired to pursue an athletic career in the sporting field of triathlons/biathlons garnering various accolades at both the national and international levels. Moving to Hilton Head Island in 1991 where she won both the South and North Carolina Biathlon championships, she became interested in the field of personal training and massage therapy. This led to an invaluable introduction and education with the world famous Dr. Janet Travell (pictured below), internationally known for her work with President John F. Kennedy. Following her training with both Travell and her protégé Nancy Shaw, Dr. Chatlain was admitted as a clinical associate into the prestigious American Association of Pain Management where she has been a member in good standing for over 14 years.

A chance encounter with a lymphedema patient spurred the young therapist's interest in the field of lymphology and she attended classes in both the classic Vodder School of Lymphatic Studies and Dr. Robert Lerner's Academy of Lymphatic Studies where she studied under Guenter Klose and received her certification in complete decongestive therapy. An avid proponent for setting the highest standards of treatment for her patients, Dr.Chatlain was the first therapist in South Carolina to sit for and pass the first national board examination specifically created for accrediting lymphedema therapists. An active member in both the National Lymphedema Network and American Society of Lymphology she maintains a firm commitment to providing the most current and effective treatment regimens for her patients.

Never one to "sit on her laurels" Dr. Chatlain returned to graduate school in 2004 in order to acquire her Masters in Science in Occupational Therapy. Early in 2007 she published her first manual, specifically designed to educate lymphedema therapists in correct exercise techniques used with lymphedema patients during their initial therapy. Matriculating from Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida in the summer of 2007 she has already been asked by the prestigious American Society of Lymphology to present position papers in the field of lymphedema relating to both pain management and exercise physiology at their annual meeting in November 2007.