Dr. Madeline Chatlain


Although we would love to treat everyone, we realize that "one size does not fit all" and it is important that we inform ALL of our patients and potential patients of some important NON-NEGOTIABLE policies of this office.

1. We have a strict NO SMOKING POLICY.
Clarification: We do not treat smokers as this is hazardous to our health and that of our other patients.

2. We have a strict PUNCTUALITY and NON-CANCELLATION policy.
Clarification: We have a "ONE ON ONE" treatment policy and we spend a minimum of one to 1 1/2 hours per patient. When patients are late or do not appear for their appointments, we lose valuable treatment time with that patient, and this is difficult, if not impossible, to make up. When a patient misses more than one appointment without contacting us, they are subject to immediate dismissal from our office.

We believe in treating each and every individual as we would like to be treated, and are committed to providing the BEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL SERVICES available for our patients. The CORNERSTONE of this offices policies is to be as HEALTHY and FUNCTIONAL as possible, regardless of your injury or impairment. We cannot provide these services if we do not have FULL and TOTAL COMMITMENT from our patients, and would ask that you respect our policies and consider them seriously BEFORE making any appointment.
Thank you,

Dr. Madeline Chatlain, OTR/L, CDT-LANA
Medical Director, HHOT