Dr. Madeline Chatlain

How long will the results from my treatment phase last?

The beauty of lymphedema treatment is that once we open the pathways, make your lymphatic system "stronger", it is truly a matter of keeping up with your bandaging, exercises and being compliant with your program as a whole that will dictate the lasting results you will have.

Keep in mind, complete decongestive therapy is a medical protocol, not a spa treatment. You are here to be treated and to be educated as to the multifaceted problems you may/may not encounter with your condition. It is up to you, the patient to be compliant with your lymphedema maintenance regimen and to take responsibility for your condition. We have the responsibility to educate , train and give you the best possible treatment methods/options and to keep up to date with current procedures, protocols and treatment/maintenance options. In short, keeping your lymphedema in check is a mutual and ongoing effort, between the lymphedema therapist and the lymphedema patient and does not stop once treatment has ended.