Dr. Madeline Chatlain

Can I manage on my own after my lymphedema treatment?

Absolutely! The goal of this office is to make you as independent and self- sufficient as possible, and that is why we begin to educate you from your initial contact with us either via the telephone, the internet or in person through your entire initial treatment phase.

Of course, we will be here for you following your initial treatment phase, happy to answer any questions that you may have, and it is also why we provide, free of charge, a full one-year pre-paid subscription to the National Lymphedema Network to all of our patients, so that you can have access to one of the largest sources of information available to lymphedema patients in the world.

Again, it is our pledge to you, the patient, to make your treatment phase as informative, productive and pleasant as possible, but above all else, we want you to take control of your lymphedema and feel confident in every aspect of your own health and wellness program, for a lifetime.