Dr. Madeline Chatlain

What is involved in a typical lymphedema session?

Although each person is unique, a typical session will involve:

  • A daily office visit that includes a general examination of your skin, weight, blood pressure and a quick review of any problems that you had the day before or any unanswered questions prior to beginning the session.
  • An hour minimum session of manual lymphatic drainage.
  • A daily practice session of self-manual lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • A daily information session on some aspect of lymphedema that will be included in your personalized lymphedema manual.
  • A weekly volumetric measurement and photographic session for documentation of your progress.
  • If necessary, a caregiver's session on bandaging at least once during the first week's treatment.
  • Exercise sessions with detailed handouts provided by the therapist's exercise manual.
  • Activities of Daily Living and Instruments of Daily Living handouts provided by the therapist that are specific for your condition/lifestyle.
  • Bandaging and instructions on self-bandaging. (Daily)
  • On-going educational sessions supplemented with the most up-to-date information from our library in various mediums: verbal, written, magazines and videos from our library.
  • Weekly take-home quizzes to help demonstrate the true knowledge of your condition.
  • Caregiver's, friends, family members are always welcome to attend any part of the session that the patient wants them to attend. We welcome all interested parties and all questions!