Dr. Madeline Chatlain

How will the perometer help a patient with garment sizing ?

This is one of the most versatile and precise measurements tools on the market as it allows your therapist to select the most appropriate garment for you, the edema and lymphedema patient with no 'guesswork' and allows us to choose garments from multiple garment companies, giving you, the patient, more options.

Garment Sizing

The perometer enables the operator to quickly select garment sizes from built-in sizing tables. The sizing display makes it easy to see each point of the leg or arm and the size range within which it falls. The display also shows how the measurement points fall into smaller or larger sizes.

Variety of Manufacturer's Size Charts

The perometer offers sizing tables for Juzo™, Jobst™, Medi®, Sigvaris™ and many other top quality manufacturers. Size charts are available for both upper and lower extremity garments.

Create Custom Size Charts

The size chart editor allows your therapist to quickly add additional manufacturer’s size charts or create a patient’s own custom size chart (this is especially handy for those "hard-to-fit" arms and legs!)