Dr. Madeline Chatlain

How will the perometer keep track of my measurements and why is this important ?

Patient Records

The perometer maintains each patient's name, address, physician, and insurance information. Additional note pad areas allow for documentation on the patient or an individual fitting.

Measurement Records

The perometer maintains a detailed record of each patient. Every time a patient is re-measured, the perometer records the exact time and date an adds this information to a cumulative patient record, making it simple to monitor the patient's progress and charges over time.

Compression Garment Preferences

Each individual's stocking preferences are stored to allow easy tracking and re-ordering of compression therapy products.

Physician Database

The perometer can track referral sources by maintaining a list of physicians who prescribe compression therapy products.

All of the above will give you, our patient, more control over your edema/ lymphedema which will allow you to:

  • Control Garment Costs
  • Track your Progress
  • Communicate more effectively with your Health Care Providers
  • Help you Maintain your Edema Reductions
  • Give you more Options and Flexibility for your Lifestyle and Needs